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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Oct 3, 2019

Eddie Tock is the CEO of REX Roundtables for Executives, a global organization focused on bringing together top level executives and leaders to share ideas and experiences to help move their businesses forward. He runs 12 different REX Roundtable groups across the US with over 150 club owners & executives, 3 in Europe and 4 in Australia and New Zealand. Eddie has long been involved in the fitness industry, and has a wealth of information apart from his eagle eye in spotting trends. The Roundtable sessions are fertile ground for best practices and ideas to emerge from the collaboration and spirit of continuous learning that they foster among some of the leading club operators in the world.


Eddie highlights some of the trends that are emerging in the fitness industry, and the modern fitness consumer trends that clubs are observing. He also reveals the key agendas that the Roundtables focus on: operations, culture, strategy and leadership — as foundations for building better businesses. Tune in to find out more about what business owners should be focusing on to stay relevant and why Eddie believes there is an abundance of opportunity out there — you just have to find it and take action!


Key Takeaways:

[:47] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode — Eddie Tock.

[2:42] What is the story behind REX Roundtables, and how does it facilitate that willingness to learn?

[6:56] Eddie shares an anecdote about why the focus on learning is so crucial to be a successful business owner.

[9:05] What are some of the tools REX Roundtable participants get, and how does it translate to improvements in their business?

[12:01] What are some topics that come up in discussion across all of the groups?

[15:31] How else are club operators trying to ensure their relevance to the modern fitness consumer?

[19:52] One of the things Eddie focuses on is the intrinsic motivation of members and how to engage them in a natural way. He explains what he means by that.

[26:18] There is a lot of opportunity to get better in business, but as a business owner you need to decide for yourself what that means for you and your consumers.

[28:01] What are some other consumer trends that are relevant to club operators now?

[32:36] Kelly and Eddie discuss offering membership tiers and how to differentiate between offerings.

[35:29] An omni-channel experience is even more important, alongside providing consumers with the flexibility and convenience they are looking for.

[38:09] All the information business owners need is in the data — they just need to open their eyes to what the data is telling them.

[40:52] Get in touch with Eddie via email to find out more about REX Roundtables.


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