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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

Tom Wingert is the Vice President of Marketing at City Fitness in Philadelphia. He is a relative newcomer by fitness industry standards, but has created a tremendous amount of disruption in the past 4 years. He has helped grow City Fitness from 60 employees to 300+ employees, and from 6,500 members to 15,000 members in his short time there, by building and branding beautiful fitness facilities, and is disrupting what digital marketing means in the fitness industry to deliver ultra community-based, hyper-personalized experiences in all of his facilities.


Tom and Kelly discuss some of the innovative marketing strategies that he has implemented for City Fitness, from approaching digital marketing from a different angle to the way he took on his new health club pre-sales. Tom explains more about his inspiration behind being an industry innovator and marketing disruptor, as well as how he has helped transform City Fitness into a community brand that contributes to the lives of the people it serves. Tune in to find out more as Tom shares his insights about upcoming marketing trends in the fitness industry, and the role of technology in creating consumer experiences.


Key Takeaways:

[:49] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode — Tom Wingert.

[3:05] What is the City Fitness story, and how has Tom honed in on what it means to offer personalized experiences in the marketplace?

[11:15] What is Tom's approach to the club design process?

[15:22] How has Tom helped entrench City Fitness in the community as the community brand?

[18:50] Kelly and Tom discuss how City Fitness has focused on driving experience that is contributing to the lives of people in the community, outside the walls of the facilities.

[20:30] Tom took a really disruptive approach to his new health club pre-sales. He shares more about what inspired that, and what he did.

[24:55] Where does Tom get his innovative marketing inspiration?

[29:58] What role does technology play in helping Tom deliver that experience and grow City Fitness at the rate it's growing?

[35:22] What does Tom observe to be trending in terms of marketing within the fitness space? Where does he see marketing going in the future of the fitness industry?

[38:28] What is Tom's one piece of marketing advice for club operators?

[40:49] Get in touch with Tom on Instagram to connect with him.

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