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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Feb 12, 2020

Join Kelly Card, Chief Engagement Officer of ABC Financial with Mark de Gorter, Chief Operating Officer of Workout Anytime as they continue part two of our series on creating a better member experience. Listen in as Mark shares what is working for Workout Anytime and how their member mindset sets them up for success. Hint: you'll be surprised to find out Mark's perspective is not a one-size-fits all.

Key Takeaways:
[:50] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode - Mark de Gorter
[2:33] Mark shares Workout Anytime’s focus, to be the most admired, and what that means
[4:02] Mark shares his background in the industry
[7:33] Why are people exercising these days?
[8:18] The basic fundamentals of enhancing member experience
[9:23] Mark talks about how company culture and member experience are intertwined
[13:11] Mark shares how they keep their focus on culture through MXM Medallia
[16:38] Retaining members is key to your success
[17:52] Retention starts with your staff
[19:29] Member experience from an operational standpoint
[21:17] Listen to your members and collect their feedback
[22:25] Mark discusses the growth at Workout Anytime
[24:45] Differentiating yourself on the human experience
[28:28] Kelly closes out

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