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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Jan 15, 2020

We’re kicking off a three-part series on defining member experience with Adam Zeitsiff, President and CEO of Gold’s Gym. Adam joins Kelly to discuss how to take a personalized approach to creating a unique member experience which resonates with your target members. You’ll hear how Gold’s Gym’s dedication to innovative approaches drove double-digit increases for lifetime value and length of stay, plus insights into how this iconic brand is planning for the future.

Key Takeaways:
[:50] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode - Adam Zeitsiff
[3:25] Adam shares how he got his start in the fitness industry
[5:39] Technology has taught me that patience is a virtue in running a business like this too, and as technologists, we always wanna bring our products to market
[6:15] The biggest thing coming from the technology space into this role as a CEO of this global brand is be smart, don't rush, be patient
[6:51] Kelly asks Adam about fragmentation in the member experience across the fitness industry space
[8:02] The member experience is they key factor in getting and retaining new members
[8:43] Adam digs in and explains what members are looking for in their gym experience
[9:34] Adam shares what Gold’s Gym is focusing on and how to build a better member experience
[12:24] What is the role from a technologist's perspective in member experience, and where do you think it's heading?
[13:01] Adam explains how they use technology to build trust with members
[15:48] Adam and Kelly discuss seamlessly blending multiple technologies into the member experience
[17:01] Adam and Kelly discuss Gold’s Gym AMP
[20:17] Adam offers insight for fellow health club operators on what they should really be focusing on right now to deliver that awesome member experience
[22:57] Closing thoughts

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