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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

Colin Milner is the CEO of the International Council of Active Aging, and a leading authority on health and wellbeing for adults 49 years old and above. He has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as one of the most innovative and influential minds around aging-related topics, and has many insights to share on the topic of supporting and catering to the needs of the active aging community.


Active aging is not about age — it is for anyone who is looking to live a healthier, fuller life. Colin shares more about the 9 Principles of Active Aging that form the foundation of his message to influence government policy and international communities on this topic. He explains the untapped potential that lies within the active aging community in terms of catering to their needs, and how the fitness industry needs to adjust their messaging and advertising to capture their attention. We need to change how we view the aging population — Tune in to find out more about this booming market with great potential!


Key Takeaways:

[:50] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode — Colin Milner.

[2:28] What has Colin's journey in the fitness industry been like, and what is driving his efforts around active aging?

[9:16] Active aging is not about age — it is for anyone who is looking to live a healthier, fuller life.

[11:42] What are the principles that are core to the ICAA messaging that Colin uses to influence government policies and countries around the world? He shares more about the 9 Principles of Active Aging.

[17:35] Colin shares three simple statistics that illustrate the potential of the market.

[19:03] There has been a shift in spending towards products that help people age better rather than prescription drugs — fitness centers need to be shifting to cater to this market.

[24:04] Colin explains the importance of creating places that cater to everybody.

[26:42] Policies and programs are a crucial part of the 9 Principles of Active Aging.

[30:13] Getting to the specifics of active aging, how can health clubs, training gyms and commercial fitness boutiques best address the dimensions of wellness and wellbeing?

[34:39] Colin and Kelly discuss how the spiritual, social, intellectual and fitness aspects can be incorporated into multi-faceted offerings.

[36:41] How do health clubs need to approach the active aging market segment in terms of advertising?

[40:55] What is Colin's recommendation for trial length?

[42:11] What is Colin's one piece of advice for fitness industry professionals?

[44:24] Find out more about Colin at the ICAA website.


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