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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

Rick Mayo is the Founder of Alloy Personal Training Systems, which was started in 1992, and was the first ever fitness center dedicated to personal training in his area. He is one of the greatest presenters and tactile deliverers of personal training and team training systems that the fitness industry has ever seen, and is the leading subject matter expert on training. He is also a featured speaker who has presented at many international conferences, and has written countless articles on the business of fitness, while also operating Alloy Training Systems all over the globe.


As more and more clubs start including personal training as part of their gym or club offerings, it is also easier to see that some of them just don’t get it. Rick and Kelly discuss where clubs fail when it comes to training, and how Rick has managed to set the Alloy Personal Training system apart from his competitors. They also dive into the topic of the modern training consumer, and what it takes to cater to their purchasing and fitness preferences. Tune in to find out more about the consumer megatrends that are impacting the fitness industry, and how you can harness the power of technology to create better consumer experiences.


Key Takeaways:

[:49] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode — Rick Mayo.

[1:59] What is Rick's story in the fitness industry? What led him to create Alloy Personal Training?

[7:29] What is the state of training, and how does it differ if you're running a training gym or a mainstream commercial fitness club?

[12:08] Rick comments on the importance of customer experience vs price as a differentiating factor.

[14:02] Why do so many clubs get training wrong?

[16:58] How much do clubs have to take into account who the modern training consumer is, and what their purchasing considerations are, in order to be successful?

[19:08] There is a massive market opportunity for clubs to take advantage of all the data that is being collected about consumers as that data becomes more and more easily accessible. Rick and Kelly discuss what that data shows us and how we can capitalize on that to drive consumer experience.

[23:43] Kelly brings up the idea of consumer mega-trends, and things that are happening in the world that are impacting the industry.

[25:03] How do gyms and health clubs compete with digital training tools and other competitors that offer a similar experience?

[27:24] The role of technology is to connect and deliver better human experiences. What role does Rick see technology playing with training experience?

[28:47] What role does Rick see training playing in the fitness industry in the next 5-10 years?

[31:28] What was Rick's experience being Madonna's trainer back in the day?

[32:55] Get more information about Alloy and Rick by visiting his website or on social media.


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