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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Dec 18, 2019

Josh Unfried, CEO of Windfarm Marketing, joins the podcast and brings relatable, actionable marketing insights from a successful career in consumer engagement both inside and outside the fitness industry. Learn how to market based on the customer’s point of view rather than your own, how and why to segment your approaches, and the one common mistake Josh sees club owners make across the board.

Key Takeaways:
[:50] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode - Josh Unfried
[2:40] Josh shares how he got his start in marketing
[3:45] Josh talks about previous marketing industry disruption
[4:40] Josh explains what the brands that are winning are doing
[7:14] Is this new approach a necessity?
[7:46] Consumer driven expectations
[8:50] What is the frictionless buying experience and how does it give you an advantage? Josh explains
[9:30] Don’t force prospects to talk to a sales person
[10:50] What impact are you seeing with conversion rates by removing friction?
[14:08] Segment your leads
[16:04] How are clubs adopting segmentation?
[18:03] Achieving a new level of marketing
[19:20] What are you seeing across the board that clubs are getting wrong? A siloed approach
[20:55] Using an integrated approach
[22:04] What is the first step out of the silo?
[22:22] Kelly closing remarks
[26:35] Get in touch with Josh for more information on how to end frictionless buying in your gym

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