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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

JJ Creegan is the Chief Operating Officer of YouFit, and was recently named as one of the IHRSA 2019 Rising Stars. He is one of the most innovative purpose-to-profit thinkers in the fitness industry, someone who has mastered scaling operations, and has grown with the industry from a teenager with a part-time job at YouFit, to running over 100 locations.


The modern fitness consumer is increasingly moving toward feeling better and living better, rather than just looking better. YouFit is a company that has aligned itself with this trend with its holistic approach to health and wellness, not just in the programs that they offer, but also from a branding perspective. JJ shares more about how and why YouFit always puts its customers first, and has focused on being customer-centric. He also explains the role of technology in creating better member experiences, and how he is helping the fitness industry evolve in different areas. Tune in to find out more!


Key Takeaways:

[:48] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode - JJ Creegan.

[1:19] What is it like to go from a teenage part-time employee at YouFit, to now running over 100 locations?

[2:35] What drives JJ in this space? He shares more about his personal journey in the fitness space.

[5:46] YouFit has a drive around a holistic approach to health and wellness. JJ explains what that means, and what "member victories" are.

[8:33] Kelly and JJ discuss how the YouFit model of personal victories matches with the modern fitness consumer.

[10:01] From a branding perspective, how is the message of holistic health and wellness conveyed?

[14:31] How does YouFit employ technology to create innovative solutions to revolutionize member experience?

[17:51] JJ is helping the industry evolve in areas like platform integration, corporate wellness, and class pass. He shares his thoughts around that.

[19:40] How has JJ arrived at the point of having a healthy relationship with what technology is about and its application to the fitness industry?

[24:26] Why are technology and innovation so important right now, and how does JJ see technology looking in the fitness industry in the next 5-10 years?

[28:28] Connect with JJ on LinkedIn and learn more about YouFit on their website.


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