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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

May 14, 2019

Dave Dos Santos is the CEO of Best Fitness and BFitt60, and is commonly known as the specialist in the fitness experience. He started off as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym back in 2001, before starting his own big box fitness center focused on customer experience. In recent years, he has branched out into the boutique fitness industry, launching BFitt60 to cater to a different demographic.


Dave is a true member experience practitioner and always considers the nuances of human behavior and human nature to craft incredible experiences in his brands. He and Kelly dive into the theme of community and authenticity in the fitness industry — now more than ever, club owners need to find new and innovative ways to stay connected to their clients and provide them with unique member experiences. Dave also shares more about how he has applied technology in context to create authentic member experiences, as well as his predictions for the future of the fitness industry. Tune in to find out more!


Key Takeaways:

[:54] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode — Dave Dos Santos.

[2:51] What is Dave's history in the fitness industry, and how has he become known as the specialist in the fitness experience?

[5:50] What led Dave away from the big box commercial facilities and toward the training gym model with BFitt60?

[7:50] Themes of community and authenticity seem to be more important than ever in the broader fitness industry. What do community and authenticity mean for Dave's different brands?

[10:35] How does Dave stay connected to his clients inside and outside of his fitness spaces?

[11:39] Kelly and Dave discuss how he has implemented the concept of late fees.

[13:04] How does a member of best fitness feel different from members of other club brands?

[14:48] How does Dave use data to build experiences, drive revenue and motivate his team?

[19:22] What kind of activity does it prompt in Dave's clubs when he sees that members aren't utilizing certain classes?

[21:53] What is the correlation to attrition in clubs where Dave has high class attendance?

[22:58] What are Dave's predictions for the future of the fitness industry?

[25:40] Dave shares his outlook for himself in the fitness industry.

[27:39] What are some actionable steps listeners can take to authentically connect with their members?


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