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Fitness Industry Innovation Podcast

Nov 14, 2019

Dan Collins is the Chief Operating Officer at Charter Fitness, a results-focused club brand with locations in and around Chicagoland.

Join Kelly and Dan as they dive into Dan’s experience in Charter Fitness and the service industry. Learn what has driven Dan’s success, what helps his brand stand out, and how you can apply the same techniques to your clubs. As Dan says: “Stop trying to be what others are.” Listen in to learn more and get your gym back to the basics that matter!

Key Takeaways:
[:50] Kelly introduces her guest for this episode - Dan Collins
[2:33] Dan shares his journey in the fitness industry and what has driven Charter’s success
[4:57] Dan shares words of wisdom from a mentor
[6:00] Dan discusses the importance aligning your goals with your skills
[8:01] What do health clubs need to do, or what do they need to stop doing, in order to be successful? Dan explains how to get back to basics.
[9:38] Dan explains what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why
[12:19] Dan discusses taking risks and the importance of passionate people
[16:41] Dan shares the philosophy of the Charter brand and what makes it work
[18:09] Is your gym a widget? Dan explains what that means to him and how he keeps his gyms successful – even through the New Years rush
[19:52] How focusing on service can differentiate you from the competition? Focus on service.
[21:48] The future of Charter Fitness
[23:05] Closing thoughts from Kelly and Dan

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